Flat White

The coffee to unite all coffee lovers.

The first coffee drink of its kind to be introduced to the UAE market. Richer than a Latte. Creamier than a Cappuccino.

The Flat White, a coffee drink concept originally from Australia and New Zealand is expected to become as popular as Costa's current best seller the Latte - why? The Flat White is a rich, creamy, full flavoured coffee with a velvety texture and made from the purest extract of the coffee bean.

It actually takes a great deal of skill to produce a Flat White. Only the purest essence of the coffee bean is extracted, resulting in a short Espresso called 'Cortissimo'. This is then blended with milk that has been heated using a special technique, resulting in a smooth, velvety texture, with each drink hand finished with a distinctive 'florette' pattern.