Ice Cold Costa

We are excited about our range of Ice Cold Costa drinks - an amazing new range of deeply refreshing drinks, designed to keep you ice cool and revitalized in the heat of the desert.

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Flat White

The coffee to unite all coffee lovers.

The first coffee drink of its kind to be introduced to the UAE market. Richer than a Latte. Creamier than a Cappuccino.

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Costa Light

A combination of fresh skimmed milk and the brand's signature Mocha Italia blend, the Costa Light offers coffee lovers a highly anticipated smooth and mellow alternative to traditional coffee based drinks.

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COSTA Cold Brew

COSTA Cold Brew is a smooth, chilled drink made from 100% single origin Arabica Colombian beans. Designed for a rich and balanced flavour, the carefully selected beans are immersed in fresh filtered water and brewed in-store for 20 hours to bring out the coffee's natural sweetness. The brew is then chilled for at least 12 hours before being served over ice to produce a smooth and light texture. The absence of heat during the slow brewing process reduces the acidity sometimes found in coffee, ensuring a more distinct taste with notes of caramel, honey and chocolate.

Coffee lovers can even customise their cold brew by adding vanilla or caramel flavours, further enhancing the taste of the slow brewed, single-origin roast, that is not only on ice but also on trend.

COSTA Cold Brew is now available at all COSTA stores across Dubai.