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We're committed to championing circular cups and packaging solutions. 

Serving great tasting coffee and food, sustainably

imageThe packaging we serve our products in is really important to us, to you, and for the planet. That’s why we will continue to prioritise the sustainability of our packaging, including our takeaway cups, lids, cans and pods.

Wherever possible we will create circular solutions, considering the entire lifecycle of each piece of packaging – reducing waste and using recycled material – moving towards reuse as our ultimate goal.

Our progress and promises


Our takeaway cup is made from 100% plant-based, renewable materials.


We’ll make all our primary packaging reusable or recyclable.


Our single-use product packaging for Costa items will contain an average of at least 50% recycled content.

Our new coffee cup

Our cups, with their unique red waffle wrap, are made from 95% sustainably sourced wood fibre which provides insulation so our cups don't need a cardboard sleeve. But, it's not only what's on the outside that counts: inside of our cups, the lining is also made from 5% renewable plant material.

Innovative cup design

imageAs part of an ongoing effort to reduce the environmental impact of our iconic takeaway cups, in November 2022 we changed the inside lining to plant-based plastic, rather than an oil-based plastic.

The new cups have a 26% lower carbon footprint than a standard takeaway cup when recycled.


Our cold drink cups are made from 50% recycled plastic


Costa Coffee reusable cupsWe're dedicated to increasing recycling, but we ultimately believe that encouraging reuse is the best way forward for a more sustainable future.

And, to help encourage our customers to carry a cup with them, our reusable cups come in lots of different sizes and colours – whatever your style, there’s something to suit everyone.


Discover the steps we're taking to hit our climate targets to ensure we reach Net Zero by 2040 and help protect the planet.

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