No milk, no compromises.

Behold the ideal way to give your taste buds a wake up call. Yep, while our perfectly poured espresso may look small in stature, it sure packs an almighty punch with its intense, strong taste.

Espresso Doppio

Double trouble.

An espresso with added…well, espresso. It's a double shot for those who like it nice and strong - and delicious, obviously.


Big on flavour.

The Danny DeVito of the coffee world. The Ristretto is shorter than an espresso, but has an even stronger flavour. Phew!


Dashing stuff.

Experience the signature hit from our espresso roast, topped with just a dash of milk. Yum.


A super-powered coffee.

A delicious coffee that mixes shots of espresso with hot water. Add milk if you like. Either way, you'll love it.

Flat White

Anything but flat.

A rich, full-flavoured coffee with a velvety, smooth texture; our Flat White would stand out even without it's distinctive hand-finished pattern.


Velvet luxury.

In Italy they consider it a breakfast beverage. But we say enjoy this espresso with steamed, frothy milk and chocolate dusting whenever you like – we won't tell.

Caffè Latte

Smooth operator.

It's simply made with a shot of espresso and fresh steamed milk. It's also simply delicious.


Chocolatey heaven.

How can you top an espresso? With hot chocolate and steamed, frothed milk, that’s how.

Costa Light

See the light.

Frothy, light in calories and well balanced, it's wonderfully indulgent and less than 80 calories.