Our Coffee

Hand-making a cup of coffee is an art that takes time and skill to perfect. And with 40 years of experience, we like to think that we've done just that. In that time we've discovered the finest beans, equipment and techniques to make sure that every cup of coffee makes the grade. Now, you just have to discover the perfect drink for you.

So whether you want to wake yourself up with one of our short drinks or relax over a tall drink we've got a coffee to suit you. Best of all, it all starts with our own unique Mocha Italia blend.

  • EspressoEspresso

    No milk, no compromises.

    Classic, short, strong and simple. A coffee for the original coffee lover.

  • Espresso DoppioEspresso Doppio

    Double trouble.

    An espresso with added…well, espresso. A double shot of Mocha Italia espresso. Strictly for those who like it really strong.

  • RistrettoRistretto

    Big on flavour.

    The Ristretto is a shorter, stronger version of the espresso, made with less water for an even fuller flavour and greater intensity.

  • MacchiatoMacchiato

    Dashing stuff.

    A single shot of Mocha Italia espresso blended with just a dash of milk. Simple and strong, with a smooth finish.

  • AmericanoAmericano

    A super-powered coffee.

    A classic blend of Mocha Italia espresso and hot water. Add a splash of milk to make it just the way you like it.

  • Flat WhiteFlat White

    Anything but flat.

    A rich, full-flavoured coffee with a velvety, smooth texture; our Flat White would stand out even without it's distinctive hand-finished pattern.

  • CappuccinoCappuccino

    Velvet luxury.

    Our unique Mocha Italia espresso expertly blended with steamed, frothy milk. Amazing with a sprinkle of chocolate.

  • Caffe LattèCaffe Lattè

    Smooth operator.

    Smooth, rich espresso with steamed milk. Not as strong as a Cappuccino but just as delicious.

  • MochaMocha

    Chocolatey heaven.

    How can you top an espresso? With hot chocolate and steamed, frothed milk, that’s how.

  • Costa LightCosta Light

    See the light.

    Frothy, light in calories and well balanced, it's wonderfully indulgent and less than 80 calories.